Translation of Yang Jiang’s Cadre School Diaries – Notes on Leave Taking P1



The Chinese Academy of Social Science used to be the Chinese Academy of Science, Philosophy of Social Science Department. We simply called it “the Department.” My husband and I were both members of the Department. Mocun was in the Literature Division, I was in the Foreign Languages Division.


In 1969, the intellectuals of the department were receiving “re-education” by the “Workers and Liberation Army propaganda team.”


Firstly, all the staff were “concentrated” (by being made) to live in the offices, six, seven to 9 or ten per room. Early each morning we would exercise, and then all three units would separate into classes for study before and after lunch, as well as after dinner.


After some time, the old and infirm were allowed to return home, and study time gradually decreased to just two units, in the morning and afternoon.


The two of us moved back home, but it seemed that our days living together were numbered. Soon we would be sent down to the cadre school. The location of the cadre school was gradually becoming clearer through the gossip around us, the length of our stay, however, could only be guessed. All we could do was wait.


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